Here at THATCH we are very pleased to launch our range of ethically sourced sheep and lamb skins. We are very proud of the fact that we are offering quality skins over quantity and we have opted for skins that are their natural colour rather than those that have been artificially dyed – that way, we feel we are providing the best that nature offers in all its true, natural beauty.

We have selected skins based on their versatility of being able to be used both as a throw and a rug, to those that are suited to be used just as a drape or a throw. We selected a variety of styles of skins; from those that offer a certain rustic charm through to those that provide a more contemporary look and feel. That way, we are certain, that whether your decor style is traditional, modern or boho, we’ll have the skin to create that finishing statement touch that both your style and room deserves.

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